Trading Instruments

Providing Accurate Trading Information

Pip Calculator

Providing Accurate Trading Information provides Forex traders with a pip calculator which enables traders to calculate the value of their trades in terms of pips. The calculator is based on real-time prices on the currency exchange. Also, the calculator provides results instantly.

The calculator can provide the pip value for each trade with results being provided in terms of your trading account’s base currency. The pip calculator has a wide array of base currencies as well as a large menu of currency pairs.

There are four straightforward steps to calculating a trade’s pip value using the pip calculator:

  • Step 1: Indicate how large the trade is in terms of lots
  • Step 2: Select a currency pair you wish to trade
  • Step 3: Indicate the base currency for your trading account
  • Step 4: Click on the “Calculate” button to display your trade’s pip value

Economic Calendar

Timing Your Trades According to Economic Events

It is important for traders to be aware of the various events on the horizon which could affect markets. This can include macroeconomic data releases, political events, central bank decisions or trade talks between nations. helps you keep track of these market-moving events by providing an economic calendar.

The calendar provides a description of each event and its relevance. The calendar also indicates the potential impact of each event on specific financial instruments. The calendar helps you keep track of what time significant economic reports are scheduled to be revealed. It also keeps track of when important figures, such as central bank officials, are scheduled to make announcements that could possibly move the markets.

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