Gain Direct Access to the Global Markets with Our Intuitive Trading Platforms

Feature-Rich Trading Platform for Trading Accuracy
Intuitive, Fast and Responsive

Investro provides you with direct access to powerful and intuitive trading platforms which can be accessed from the comfort of your desktop and mobile device. Each trading platform offers a choice of powerful trading features and tools to enable you to trade the markets effectively and accurately. The interface is designed to be easy to use and to navigate enabling you to trade with ease. Our platforms also have low latency and minimal slippage, giving you access to the best possible spot prices.

To ensure we meet your trading needs and preferences, the trading interface can be customized. Select your preferred assets and tools and ensure they are always accessible so that you can take advantage of any lucrative trading opportunity as it arises in the markets. Make accurate and quick trading decisions with the built-in charting and analytic tools.

Intuitive & customizable interface
Choice of risk management tools & order types
One-click trading to boost accuracy
Technical indicators & market analytics
Algorithmic trading capabilities
Responsive and reliable trading interface
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